BCLEVR is a startup based in Portugal and was founded in 2015 with dream: to create and implement an application worldwide that would make people's lives easier in their day to day lives.

After two years of research, development and implementation, BCLEVR was born, a platform that automatically connects people who need a service or product with the right professionals.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people interact with professionals.

If until now the method of finding the right professional to provide a service and how much it would charge was a painful and time consuming process, BCLEVR emerges as the simple, fast and effective alternative.
It takes 30 seconds to select the service or product you need and BCLEVR takes care of the rest. Just in a few hours BCLEVR delivers you up to 5 free price quotations from the professionals most interested to provide this service or market that product.

We are a young team, highly motivated and with a lot of experience in marketplaces.

The name BCLEVR is pronounced "be clever", our model is "Whatever you need" and that's exactly what we want to offer the world.