People go to BCLEVR looking for professionals for the service or product they need.
They answer some specific questions about what they need.
Each quote request is validated to make sure it's legitimate.
Once validated, the quote request is sent to all professionals who match with the service/product and working location.
We send the quote requests by email to experienced professionals like you.
Check the complete description of the quote request. If you're interested, reply by sending a quote.
Your custom quotes includes personalized messages and an estimated price.
Along with your quote, automatically follows some data, such as your business profile, contact info and customer reviews.
No fees. No commissions. BCREVR is 100% free of charge.
Typically you will have 2 to 3 competitors who will also send a quote. The customer compares the quotes and decides whom to award.
When the customer chooses you, you will see in your dashboard that you were awarded. If another professional is chosen, you will see in your dashboard that you were rejected.
After being awarded, the deal is on! Talk with your new client to start things up.

What is a User?
A User is the person who introduces a quote request.

What is a Professional?
A Professional is a person registered on Bclevr whose purpose is to respond to quote requests in order to get more work and new clients.

What is Bclevr?
Bclevr is an online platform that automatically connects people who want a service or product with the professionals who provide that service or market that product.

What will Bclevr do for me?
Whenever a User requests a service that you provide or product that you commercialize, Bclevr puts you in contact with this User to obtain the service or sale of the product.

How does Bclevr work?
Users only have to search and select the service or product they want and submit their quote requests.
Then Bclevr sends this quote request to Professionals who, for the specified location, provide the requested service or have the requested product for sale.
As soon as the Professionals receive the quote request, they consult it and decide if it is a service they are interested in providing or a product they are interested in selling, in which case they send a price estimate to the User.

What is my main purpose in Bclevr?
Your main goal is to get more work and new customers through Bclevr.
This objective is defined in two stages
First you have to respond to the users whose quote requests interests you.
Only by responding to a quote request can you access the User's contacts and submit a price quotation.

Then, you only have to check that the User has awarded you the service.


What do I have to do to use Bclevr and have access to quote requests that interest me?
You only have to create an account and from that moment you can start using Bclevr.
Just go to the side menu and click Professional Registration.

Does registration in Bclevr and consultation of quote requests have any cost?
No. Registration and consultation of quote requests is a free service.

Is my account at Bclevr limited by usage time or by quantity of quote requests received?
No. Your account usage time and the amount of quote requests received are unlimited.

Can I use Bclevr as a User and as a Professional?
You can.
Given the wide range of services and products in Bclevr, it is very natural that there are many users who want to receive price estimates for any type of service or product they need, while at the supply level, they can register Bclevr to provide quotations for other services they provide other products they market.

Is there any service at Bclevr that is not free?
Yes. When each quote request is validated and made available in your personal area, the contacts of the user who requested it are blocked.
If a given quote request interests you and you want to send estimate for it, you will need to click on the RESPOND button so that you can send a price estimation and consult the name, telephone and email of the User concerned.
By clicking the RESPOND button, a small fee will be charged. This amount is fixed according to the nature of the service or product, and will be charged to your account balance on Bclevr.

Does this cost depend on the value of the price quotations submitted?
No. This cost is fixed and tabulated only according to the category and will be the only amount charged by Bclevr.


How do I consult quote requests that interest me?
For each quote request, Bclevr looks at two key factors: the category and the location of the budget request.
So if a given quote request goes to a location where you work and in a category where you are enrolled, you will see it listed in your personal area of Bclevr.
Note: It's very important that you select all the categories of services you provide and products that you sell so that you can view all the quote requests in those categories or you will not be able to see and respond to them. The same applies to the locations where you work.

How do I change, add, or remove categories of services I provide or products I commercialize?
When you register, you can select all the categories that you want.
Once registered, you can always change, add or remove categories through your personal area of Bclevr by clicking on the My profile menu.

How do I change, add, or remove locations where I work?
Once you have registered, simply access your personal area and click on the My profile menu.
There you can add or remove the counties and districts in which you work.
NOTE: It is very important that you do it the first time you access your personal area. Until you do, only the county that is located in your business address will be selected, so you will be missing out on many quote requests.

How do I get notified of new quote requests that interest me?
Whenever there is a new quote request in a location and category in which you work, you will receive an email notifying you of this.
You'll also see a notification in your personal area.

How do I see all the details of a quote request in my personal area?
To see all the details of a quote request, simply click on the small arrow in all of them. By clicking, the quote request expands.
If you want to minimize it, just click the same arrow again.


I am looking at a quote request that i want to respond to. What do I do now?
Just click the button RESPOND, visible in all the budget requests, that allows you to purchase the quote request and access the contacts of the User that is making the request.
When you do this, a small fee will be charged on your Bclevr balance account.
This value depends on the category type of the quote request.

I have already respond to the quote request. And now?
Now you just send a price estimation to the User who requested it.
Once you've responded to a quote request, you'll be shown the Submit Quotation button.
When you click on it, a window will open where you can submit your quotation.

I have already sent an estimate to the quote request. And now?
Now you have to wait for the User to analyze the quotations.
At this stage, you'll see this quote request as Pending.
When your potential client makes a decision, you'll see the quote request move from Pending to Awarded! or Rejected, depending on what the person has decided.

Where do I see the contacts of the User?
Once you have responded to the quote request, by expanding the budget request you will see the full name, telephone number and email address of the User.

How do I know if I was awarded or not?
If you are the awarded pro, as soon as the User accepts your quotation, in your personal area this quote request changes from Pending to Awarded!.
If you have not been the selected Professional, the quote request will change from Pending to Rejected.

The quote request went from Pending to Awarded!. And now?
Congratulations! You were hired! Our job is done and now you just have to contact your new customer!